For Little Kids: Diggidy the Dog – Puppet Show Book That Teaches Dog Safety

Diggity Dog puppet showHere’s how to make dog safety lessons fun! Diggidy the Dog is one of Lisa Leleu’s “puppet show books” — a book that you read from while using the attached puppet to make the story come alive. The puppet is actually part of the story, and part of every drawing in the book.

Diggidy takes your children on a fun walk through the neighborhood. Along the way, they encounter a whole lot of dogs in different situations. Diggidy tells them the “do’s” and “don’ts” — right from the doggie’s mouth.

After you create this live show for your children, there is another treat in store for them. The book doubles as a coloring book. They can write their own story and color it too.

Diggidy the Dog makes a great gift for young parents and young children. To buy it or find out more about it, click on the graphic to the left.