A list of the Necessary Photographs

Several types of photographs should be taken and gathered.

  • Pictures taken before the accident, showing how the victim looked before being injured.
  • Pictures taken right after the attack will graphically show the severity of the injuries and implicitly suggest the pain and suffering of the victim.
  • Photos taken at the hospital will show the severity of the injuries and will demonstrate what was done during the surgery.
  • Photos taken by the plastic surgeon will show the same.
  • Photos made during the recovery — the day the victim gets home, the next day, one week later, and more — will help to describe how painful, disabling, embarrassing and difficult the healing process was.
  • Photos taken at the time of the demand for settlement. The insurance company will rely on those photographs to accurately evaluate the claim.
  • Photos taken prior to trial, so they can be admitted into evidence and the jury can take them into the jury room.