Lawyers Scammed! A Warning to Attorneys

Attorneys who handle personal injury cases have been receiving messages from potential “clients” offering a slice of a $250,000 settlement that has already been agreed to — if the attorney will simply cash the settlement check, take the fee, and forward the balance of the settlement money to the client. There are two variations to […]
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Why They Quarantined Your Dog

Your dog bit someone, or it bit you, but not on purpose. Tonight your beloved pet is at the animal shelter. He’s in a cage, and he’s upset. The animal control officer has told you that you will have to pay for boarding the dog in order to get him back. This imprisonment is going […]
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Veterinary Malpractice

A veterinarian who fails to treat an animal pursuant to the applicable standard of care may be liable for malpractice — but that is just half the story. What is veterinary malpractice? Elements of malpractice Proof of malpractice Practical advice Litigation forms and other materials for attorneys If your case involves injury to a dog, […]
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Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms

Litigation Forms and Other Materials for Attorneys

Just about all the documents a plaintiff’s attorney will need, for less than the cost of typing them. Complaint, interrogatories, document production requests, admissions, witness list, petition for approval of minor’s compromise (structured settlement), order approving minor’s compromise, and Kenneth Phillips’ 50-page deposition outline that covers every issue that can arise in a dog bite […]
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