$1 Million Settlement In Disfigurement Case

Wendy Rydberg, 39, of Santa Rosa, California, has settled her disfigurement claim for one million dollars ($900,000 to her and $100,000 divided among her children and husband). On April 6, 2006, she was attacked by a bulldog while on a walk with her kids. Her nose and part of her lips were bitten off, resulting in three surgeries and permanent disfigurement. The dog owner, Emmellia Dale-Pincus, 19, was sentenced to serve four months in the Sonoma County jail, perform 100 hours of community service, and meet other terms and conditions of supervised probation for a period of three years.

For some reason, dogs aim for the nose and lips when attacking, and tear away at the face, head and neck when killing or attempting to kill a person. Click here to learn about the causes of canine aggression against people.