A Day in the Life of the Pit Bull Owner

The headlines, like the nature and temperament of this type of dog, do not change from day to day, week to week, year to year. The type of dog we call a “pit bull” was meticulously bred for sudden, dedicated violence. The goal of this type of dog is not to bite, but to shred, break, destroy, and kill. The flaw in this animal — because everything we humans accomplish has some degree of imperfection, and it was humans who created this type of dog — is that when it becomes homicidal, it mauls and kills its owner or someone in the owner’s family. Is it worth the risk? The answer, if we are looking at this rationally, is “No!”

Feel free to copy this meme, which quoted the headlines I referred to. The size is good for a social media post.

Graphic, "Why Take the Risk," with headlines exposing the injuries caused by vicious dogs in one day.