A Dog Bite Victim’s Story – His Own Dog Turns Upon Him

The following was sent to me by a dog bite victim from South Africa, who asked that I post it to the Dog Bite Victim Log:

I decided to take my German Shepherd for a long walk to Camps Bay and back and then to go and vote (needless to say the country managed without my vote). A friend joined me for the walk. My son Jacques adamantly decided not to join on that occasion, which in retrospect was a wise choice. 

It was a magnificent Cape winter day. So peaceful, not a breath of wind, with the sun shining brightly and the temperature perfect.

Whilst walking home in the area of the old Clifton Hotel a young lady approached me and remarked on what a beautiful dog I had. The dog growled at her which was not his usual behaviour and she walked on. 

It could have only been a few minutes later that the dog turned on me. [Click below to read the rest of the account of this attack.]