A Girl in Critical Condition Is a Wake Up Call to the State of New Mexico

The State of New Mexico, through its failure to enact a dog bite statute of any kind, will have to answer to a little girl who today is in critical condition. Two dogs that were running at large pursued her into the street, where she was critically injured by a passing car. 

This state, however, lacks a dog bite statute and therefore it is doubtful that the girl will be able to recover compensation for her medical treatment and her other damages.

This is unfair to her and the rest of the citizens of the state. She should be compensated, and they should not have to spend their tax dollars on her medical treatment if she is uninsured, as well as her loss of productivity if she is disabled.

So, who benefits when the state fails to enact a dog bite statute? Not the victims, not the communities, but the irresponsible dog owners and their insurance companies. Does that make any sense at all? No, it doesn’t. 

New Mexico and a host of other states need to pass dog bite statutes that cover not only bites but any injuries caused by a dog. There are other details and implications of this accident, which you can read about by clicking on the link to the full story, below.