A Treasure Trove of Information Just Posted At DogsBite.org

Beginning July 2006, the Dog Bite Law web site began summarizing, on a monthly basis, canine homicides in the USA. The focus of my interest as the author of Dog Bite Law has been the laws that will prevent violent dog attacks upon people. In particular, my research strongly suggests that repealing the English one-bite law in the USA will reduce fatal dog attacks and, therefore by implication, all dog attacks.

While I have been doing this, Colleen Lynn of Seattle, Washington, has been building a web site (www.dogsbite.org) and organization called Dogs Bite. The focus of DogsBite.org is the dangerousness of pit bull type dogs. Among other things, DogsBite.org has published detailed facts about canine homicides in the USA for the past three years. That information strongly supports the view that pit bulls are the nation’s most vicious breed of dog.

DogsBite.org recommends banning the pit bull breed and taking several other steps to curtail dog attacks upon people. I also am of the view that as violent as these dogs can be, merely banning them will not solve the dog bite problem. The root of this problem is not dogs but people, meaning the dangerous and often vicious owners of dangerous and vicious dogs. Tthe dog bite plague will not end until we embark upon the 10-step program that I outline on Dog Bite Law. 

Whether pit bulls should be banned under the law is a controversial topic. For it or against it, I recommend that you bookmark DogsBite.org.