An Ordinary Day of Mayhem in Pitbull-Land

Today’s headlines about pit bulls:

People Magazine: “Iowa Woman Loses Legs and Needs Facial Reconstruction Surgery After Being Mauled by 3 Pit Bulls.”

City Watch Los Angeles: “Pit Bull Attacks: Is the Breed, the Owner, or a Lack of Law-Enforcement to Blame?

Atlanta City Press: “Atlantic City man beat pit bull with pipe, police say.”

This is the world you step into with your pit bull. Dangerous beyond reason, ridiculously rehashed, and your fellow pit bull fanciers include violent criminals.

That’s what people think of you: possibly a violent criminal, possibly too dangerous to be around, and ridiculously confused about why you chose that type of dog.

Tell me why it’s worth it. Justify yourself. Explain how you got to that place in your life.

My advice: Do Not Adopt a Pit Bull!

Meme called "Do Not Adopt a Pit Bull"


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