Arizona Humane Society and the Killing of Tori Whitehurst

It is being reported that the Arizona Humane Society previously adopted the killer dog in this case to another family. It is said that the family brought the dog back to the society, which had it tested by three different behaviorists, none of whom felt that the dog was dangerous. After that, it was adopted again to the Whitehurst family — and it killed their daughter. See the news report. (The case is reported below.)

I have received numerous emails from around the country about the practices of adoption groups. Many groups will deliberately adopt-out a dangerous dog to an unsuspecting family. This is done with conscious disregard of the danger to the family. The supposed justification for doing so is the unsupported belief that no dog is dangerous if given enough love. That is not true: a dog that has certain things in its past, or that is unhealthy, is dangerous, and dogs that are put into certain situations are dangerous. See Why Do Dogs Bite People? on Dog Bite Law.

I have recommended that adoption groups institute a set of practices, and adopt certain legal provisions, designed to increase safety and avoid even the appearance of impropriety. See Avoiding Liability When You Train, Shelter or Adopt-Out. I am curious to know whether the Arizona Humane Society follows these practices or similar ones that are designed to protect the public rather than maintain the existence of dangerous dogs. If you have information about this, please write to me.