Aunt and Sister Arrested For Near-Fatal Mauling of 9-Month-Old

Annette Hodgson, 37, and Samantha Alaniz, 22, of Fremont, California, were arrested for the nearly fatal mauling of a 9-month-old boy on May 27, 2008. 

The child has serious injuries to his head and neck. Less than a month prior to this incident, the same dog had attacked Hodgson, biting her three times on May 11th. She misrepresented the prior incident to the police in order to retain custody of the dog — and to expose the dog to her 9-month-old nephew.

Hodgson and Alaniz (as the dog’s owner) will be charged with two serious felonies each: child endangerment and failing to protect the public from a vicious animal. (To read the article, click here.)