City Knew About Vicious Dogs That Killed Staten Island Man

On Staten Island, New York, a total of 8 calls were placed to 911 about the pit bulls that attacked 90-year-old Henry Piortrowski in his back yard. Piotrowski died from his horrific injuries. (Click here to read the article.)

Every day, I hear about a dog attack that the authorities could have prevented if they had taken action. Jennifer Lowe was killed by pit bulls in Knoxville, Tennessee almost one year ago; the local animal control not only declared the dogs dangerous weeks before, but caught the dog owner playing with the unleashed dogs on his unfenced property — and yet, they did nothing until Jennifer’s death. 

Official neglect is one of the reasons why there is a dog bite epidemic in the USA. Until someone hits them in their wallet, our city and county governments are going to continue ignoring this serious problem.