Confessions Establish Michael Vick’s Guilt – Grand Jury May Increase Charges

Michael Vick’s co-conspirators have confessed to hanging and drowning pit bulls that were not able or willing to kill each other. (Read more from the CNN article.)

They have filed papers in court that confirm what we did not want to be true: Vick himself executed approximately 8 dogs by drowning them and hanging them.

A quick, painless death was not in the cards for Michael Vick’s dogs. He was compelled to kill them himself, and make their deaths violent, brutal and horrific.

While his co-conspirators show a glimmer of honor by entering guilty pleas and admitting their wrongs, Michael Vick remains a holdout as of today. He will not consent to pleading guilty unless he receives a better deal than prosecutors are willing to offer.

In other words, he wants his punishment to be quick and painless — the opposite of what he did to his dogs. Well, let’s see what happens on Monday. There is a sporting chance that the Grand Jury will add a RICO charge to the indictment. A RICO conviction brings 20 years in jail.