Dog Ate Her Alive

The horror of a major dog attack is something we can only imagine. A particularly descriptive article, not for the squeamish, appeared this week in News of the World. It is a story that you should read if you can stomach it.

West Grimstead, Wiltshire, is a peaceful English village within commuting distance of London. In December 2007, Mandy Peynado, 48 (pictured), suffered more than 100 bites from a Rottweiler that she was helping to care for, at a kennel in the village. Among other things, he chewed off her arm and was eating away her flesh, during an attack that lasted many minutes. Fortunately she was rescued, but spent three days in a coma, had three blood transfusions and spent two weeks battling for her life in intensive care.

She is quoted in News of the World as saying that this “was a large dog but he had never shown any signs of aggression. There was no snarling, no barking, no noise.” (Click on her photo to read the article, which contains very gruesome details not recommended for those who may be sensitive.)

This is one of the most graphic articles ever written about a dog mauling. Do not think, however, that her experience was unique. The details of other major dog attacks are just as horrific. I feel that people should read articles like the one about Ms. Peynado in order to understand the importance of laws that will adequately and fairly eliminate dangerous dogs.