Dog Bite Laws and Tort Reform

When you hear “tort reform,” you need to understand that it is a scheme to take away your rights. It is a movement to limit the remedies of people who are injured, nobody else.

The corporations who sponsor the advertisements and candidates will continue clogging our courthouses with their frivolous lawsuits (for example, the James Bond litigation began in the 1960′s and continues to this day), will continue suing each other for punitive damages and for compensatory damages with no limit, and will continue having the right to pay as much as they want for all the legal teams they want.

It is your rights that will be limited: access to the courthouse, to recover your actual damages, to make an intentional wrongdoer pay punitive damages, to retain the best lawyer you can find. It is your son’s rights, or your daughter’s rights, to get cosmetic surgery if a dangerous dog injures them. So in a sense, tort reform is the friend of the dangerous dog owner, and the enemy of communities who want safe streets that are free of vicious dogs.

A great blog post at talks about dog bites and tort reform. It points out that tort reform protects wrongdoers by limiting an injured person’s right to take them to court and recover compensation for injuries. With nothing to fear from the courts, why should dangerous dog owners protect your son or daughter from dangerous dogs? No reason to. (Click here to read the post, The Face of Tort Reform – The one the Chamber won’t show you.)