Dog Owner Charged With Threatening Bite Victim and Her Children

Prosecutors are charging dog owner David Reilly, 41, of Firestone, Colorado, with possession of a dangerous dog as well as threatening to further harm the victim if she called the police (a felony). Not only was the victim threatened, and also her children.

The dog had a history of previously biting a woman who was simply walking around dog, mauling a trainer at an animal hospital, biting a woman in the neck, and attacking a woman that Mr. Riley was arguing with. This is described as a “boxer mix.” (The articles are here and here.)

This is not exactly unusual. To the contrary, it is an example of the link between dangerous dogs and dangerous people. Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital published the results of a study of people who owned breeds that are commonly assumed are dangerous. Out of 300 cases studied at random, every one of the dog owners had committed one or more crimes or significant traffic offenses. I posted the citation on the earlier version of this blog, so you can find it there if interested.

It is for this reason that I have drafted a model Irresponsible Dog Owner Law, in addition to my model Dangerous Dog Law. These are in addition to my model Dog Bite Statute.