Dog Owner Jailed After Pit Bulls Bite Officer – But No Charges For Killing Jennifer Lowe

Maryville, Tennessee, animal control Officer Kenneth Crowder was helping the county with two dogs when he was attacked. The owner and dogs are now in custody. (Click here for the news report.) Now, contrast this with what happened after Jennifer Lowe was brutally killed by pit bulls. In her case, prosecutors just shook their heads and said sorry, there will be no prosecution of the dog owner because no crime was committed. 

Can it be true that killing a woman isn’t a crime, but biting an animal control officer is? That is how things appear in Tennessee. This terrible impression is unavoidable. The authorities have forgotten the truism that the appearance of justice is as important as justice itself. Anyone who felt that Jennifer Lowe and her family were deprived of justice will conclude that the authorities seem more concerned with protecting their own than with caring for the community that they serve. That is very bad news.