Dog Owners Need To Wake Up, Examine Own Conduct

I receive about 50 E-mails per day from the public, and many of them are about aggressive, vicious, potentially dangerous DOG OWNERS. Right, not dogs, but dog owners. 

For example, today I heard about a “neighbor” who has a trained guard dog that grabs and kills other dogs through the fence, and that terrorizes children. I also heard about a “neighbor” who went to the pound, picked up a dog that was labeled “bad for kids under 12,” and turned the dog loose on a little girl who was 13 — and now has an infected leg from being attacked by this dog. 

Dog owners like these need to wake up: they are bad for our communities, bad for other dog owners, and bad for dogs too. Every community needs dangerous dog laws that contain and control not only the dogs but their morally deficient owners too.