Dogs Attack Police Car in TN and Are Returned to Owners

As in the Jennifer Lowe case, here is a video of dogs attacking a police car and “getting away with it.” Quite literally, because first they ripped off the bumper cover, and later were returned to their owner. (Click here to see the video.)

Attorney Wayne Ritchie Jr. and I made Knox County pay for the horrific death of Jennifer Lowe, because the county animal control department failed to impound her killers before they mauled Jennifer to death. In that case, the pack of pit bulls had attacked a police car, attacked police officers, and generally terrorized the neighborhood – much like the dogs in this video.

So if the dogs in this video harm anyone, and Wayne or I get the call, another county will pay for its conscious disregard of its residents’ safety. Is there any other remedy for this? Yes: at the ballot box. Being soft on dangerous dogs is as bad as being soft on any other crime.