First USA Death of 2007 – Texas Girl Killed By Neighbor’s Pit Bull

San Antonio, TX – 10-year-old Amber Jones was fatally attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull on January 12, 2007. She previously had played with the dog. It jumped a fence and mauled her to death on the street.

This is the first canine homicide in the USA in 2007. There were no death cases in this country in December 2006, after six deaths in November 2006. 

Because Amber Jones was killed by a neighbor’s pit bull, the issue arises once more as to whether these dogs are too dangerous to be kept by just anyone — or perhaps to exist at all. Experts generally agree that banning one or two breeds will not eliminate the dog bite problem, but a case can be made that it will curtail the deaths and most extreme injuries. 

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