House-Sitter Killed By Pit Bull – 2007 USA Death Toll Is 31

December 17, 2007, 77-year-old Blanche Broduer was attacked in Clayton, Georgia, by a pit bull in the home that the victim was house-sitting. (Read about it here.)

This is the 31st canine homicide in the USA in 2007. It is the 7th in states having “mixed” dog bite statutes which substantially confirm the one-bite rule. While 20 human deaths-by-maulings have taken place in the 18 one-bite and 3 “mixed” states, only 11 have taken place in the 29 statutory strict liability states.

On the home page of Dog Bite Law I state that there is an obvious link between the one-bite rule and dangerous dogs. This is because the one-bite rule does not require that a dog owner be careful to prevent dog bites. Every dog gets that one “free” bite, mauling or killing. I believe that the one-bite rule should be elimitated throughout the USA.