“If there’s a dangerous dog in my neighborhood, I want to know.”

Virginia has joined Florida in establishing a registry of dangerous dogs. The web-based registry will publicize the location of dogs adjudicated as vicious throughout the state. (To read the article, click here.)

It’s a good idea but it is not the only way to avoid a dangerous dog in your neighborhood. I addressed this last December when I was a guest on Fox News. Here is what I said:

“I think in order to avoid dangerous dogs, there are really three other things you have to do. And those are, you’ve got to talk to the kids in the neighborhood, the adult neighbors, and also, the postman.

“Because you’re going to get as much information from them as you’re going to get from this Web site. In fact, you’re going to get more because they’re going to tell you about the dogs that are about to bite people, as opposed to the ones who have been adjudicated in dog court as having already bitten.”

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