Killed By The Pit Bulls He Took Care Of – USA Fatality #18 for 2009

On August 10, 2009, Carter Delaney, 20, of Louden County, VA, was killed by pit bulls which he cared for, and which were owned by his brother. He was found dead in the basement of his grandfather’s home, along with a pit bull puppy, a caged cocker spaniel, a dead pug-mix, and two pit bulls “covered in blood.”

The dogs that killed Delaney were legally registered, current on their shots and had no history of biting. It is for this reason that pit bulls are regarded as being unpredictable. (Read the article.)

On the Dog Attack Danger Scale, the circumstances of this fatality registered a score of 2, because the attacking dogs were pit bulls, and there were more than one of them.