Man Stabs Pitbull To Death As It Was Attacking His Wife On Street

Yesterday an ex-Marine stabbed a pit bull to death in Anaheim, California, after it attacked his wife and dogs. It had latched onto his wife’s hand, prompting the man to run to a neighbor’s house and grab a knife. There were wounds on his and his wife’s hands. Police confirmed that the man was within his rights. This was an exercise in self-defense.

When we weigh the rights of dog owners and members of the community, we have to consider whether it is fair to open our streets to dogs that cannot be defended against except by knife-wielding Marines. Children and seniors are killed by rampaging dangerous dogs every month. For this reason, every city and county needs to have a law controlling and restricting dangerous dogs. For one such law that is balanced fairly, see my Model Dangerous Dog Law. If your community does not have such a law or has a weak law, lobby for the passage of my model law, for the sake of your children and neighbors.