Nationwide Reporting of Dog Bites Is Necessary

Here are three issues that require nationwide information:

— Are pit bulls, Rottweilers and other fighting breeds a real problem or not? The experience of the United Kingdom, which banned pit bulls, is unclear. We keep hearing that these breeds should be banned, but let’s answer the question with facts.

— Are insurance companies justified in refusing to insure owners of certain breeds of dog? Not having insurance can cause a dog owner to lose his house and can hurt his financial future. Insurance for dog owners is the biggest issue facing them at this time. We need information about dog bites to answer this question.

— Do a great deal of serious bite injuries result from a secondary attack, in which the incident begins as a dog fight and ends up with a person getting hurt? My law practice, which is entirely devoted to representing dog bite victims, suggests that the answer is yes. If so, the dogs that were bred to attack other dogs are a greater risk than people know, and more needs to be done about them.

I would be happy to assist in the drafting of new legislation. I have done so before.