NFL Player Indicted on Felony Charge After His Pit Bulls Attack Woman

Former San Diego Charger Steve Foley has been indicted for a felony in Texas because his two pit bulls attacked a woman. They bit her on her face and arms. If convicted, he could be imprisoned for two to 10 years. (Click here to read the article.)

I have been warning that Texas now has the harshest laws in the nation against the owners of dangerous dogs. (See¬†Texas on Dog Bite Law.) At the same time, however, Texas turns its back on the victims, forcing them to comply with the old English¬†“one bite rule” in order to be compensated. Remember, a dog owner’s homeowners insurance or renters insurance usually provides coverage for these attacks, so it is the insurance industry that actually profits from the one bite rule.

Texas needs to enact a strict liability dog bite law so that victims can be compensated. Putting the dog owners in jail but forcing victims to pay for their own medical bills — with not a penny for pain and suffering — equals only half a cup of justice. Half a cup of justice is no justice at all.