Parents Arrested After Their Pit Bull Chews Off Baby’s Four Toes

A one-month-old baby was mutilated for life by her parents’ pit bull in Bossier City, Louisiana, yesterday. The dog chewed off four of the infant’s toes while her parents were sleeping. The baby is going to a foster home and her parents hopefully will be going to jail. (For the news story,¬†click here.)

The issue this raises is whether all pit bulls should be permitted to be everywhere, owned by just anyone, and put in any kind of situation — or whether there are places, people and circumstances that are wrong for this kind of dog.

I believe that it has become obvious that pit bull type dogs need to be restricted to certain people, certain places, and certain situations. Furthermore, I favor neutering all pit bull type dogs so that their gene does not get into the bloodlines of gentler breeds and make the entire dog population unsafe for people.