Pit Bulls Enter Woman’s Bedroom, Maul Her, Kill a Dog – She Is In Critical Condition

The controversy over pit bulls grows once again, with this particularly horrific story from Tacoma, Washington. Running loose through the neighborhood, two pit bulls got into a woman’s house and mauled her in her bed. They then killed another dog that challenged them during the attack. The woman is now listed in critical condition. (To read the story, click here. For today’s follow-up stories, click here.)

What could be worse than this? Well, perhaps two pit bulls going into a baby’s bedroom, taking him out of bed and killing him. On November 4, 2006, one-year-old Allen L. Young died after he was mauled at home by his dad’s four pit bulls, which took the boy from his bed at night.

I continue to take the position that breed banning would not end the dog bite epidemic, but I also believe that these powerful fighting dogs should not be owned by the wrong people, kept in the wrong places, or allowed to be in the wrong situations. For details about prevention, see Preventing Dog Bites. To read more about breed bans, read Breed Specific Laws.