Pit Bulls Kill Memphis Man, 71, and California Boy, 2

On July 20, 2010, two pit bulls in Memphis killed 71-year-old William Parker. Then the dogs attacked two family members and two firemen who tried to save the old man.

Just 48 hours later, a 2-year-old boy (name not released as of this writing) was killed by his parents’ three pit bulls in Concord, California. The death toll by dogs is 19 in the USA so far this year. Pit bulls killed between 11 and 13 of the victims, Rottweilers 4, and Huskys one.

For details about fatalities through June 2010, see Dangerous and Vicious Dogs on DogBiteLaw.com, particularly the section entitled “Canine Homicides.” For July 2010′s three deaths so far, see the home page of dogbitelaw.com.