Tennessee Considering Stronger Laws

Senator Doug Jackson has introduced 5 bills that will make the streets and children of Tennessee safe from dangerous dogs and their equally dangerous, irresponsible owners. 

One of his bills would repeal the shameful “one-bite rule,” so that dogs will no longer be allowed one free mauling or killing of a human being.

Presently, Tennessee adheres to the dog bite law of England as it existed when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Things have changed since then, including the development of the pit bull as a dog-fighting animal, as well as the use of insurance to spread risks. The “one-bite rule” is completely at odds with modern American beliefs about personal responsibility, and it needs to be repealed throughout the USA. Only 19 states currently follow it, the others having enacted laws that place responsibility upon the shoulders of the dog owners, where it belongs.

Citizens of Tennessee should get behind the passage of stronger, more effective laws. Sen. Jackson also has proposed a number of criminal provisions that will go a long way toward ridding the streets of dangerous dogs. His bills are aimed at irresponsible dog owners, and are not breed-specific. If you reside in Tennessee and want to make your voice heard, follow the three quick and easy steps given on the Tennessee page of Dog Bite Law.