Tennessee Legislature Ends One Bite Rule, Governor’s Signature Required – Help Needed

The Tennessee State Legislature has passed a historic, long-overdue bill that will end the ancient and inhumane one bite rule in that state. Sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson and Rep. David Shepherd, and originally drafted by Attorney Kenneth Phillips, SB 143 / HB 108 is on its way to Governor Phil Bredesen for enactment into law.

Your help is needed to make sure that he signs this bill and its companion, SB 537 / HB 548 (aimed at eliminating the “sport” of dog-fighting). Send him an e-mail message by clicking here. The message should state something like the following:

Subject: SB 143 / HB 108 and SB 143 / HB 108

Message: Please sign the dog laws that will end the one bite rule and will help stamp out dog-fighting.