Thai Police Force Eagerly Recruits Dogs That Killed Children – One Country’s Solution

What should be done with dogs that kill children and are too unruly and vicious to be used in war? Here is an idea: the local police can take them for “keeping the streets safe.” At least, that’s how one city in Thailand is doing it.

A dad purchased two Rottweilers to “protect” his wife and their 2-year-old daughter. The dogs more or less immediately killed his girl. Not wanting to euthanize his pets — after all, they probably were not getting enough love — he attempted to give them to the Thai army. 

The army unfortunately rejected the dogs, saying they “lack the qualities of military dogs.” Translation: too violent for the battlefield. Undeterred from his humane objective, however, the dad turned to the local police force. Happily, they accepted them! 

I am sure this dad feels safer already. (Read the story.)