Two-Week-Old Infant Killed by Parents’ Chow – USA Death #6 in 2009

A two-week-old baby was killed by a dog on March 4, 2009, in Mesa, Arizona. Her mother and father are police officers, but they could not save her. 

After putting her baby in a low-lying crib, the mother exited the room, and spent a few minutes in the bathroom. The family Chow-Chow killed the child. (Click here for the story.)

My Dog Attack Danger Scale is being supplemented by a sixth danger-sign: the “newness” factor. Statistics compiled by establish that 20% of fatal dog attacks involved a new person or dog sharing a household for a period of two months or less.  

I recommend spending time on You might not agree with the site’s conclusions about the need to control or even ban pit bulls, but you will not be able to seriously dispute the site’s thorough documentation of attacks by dangerous dogs.