When a Dog Attacks Another Dog, People Get Hurt

I receive about 50 E-mail messages per day from the public. About 10 per day are about attacks by one dog upon another. The injuries inflicted in these attacks can require hundreds and even thousands of dollars of veterinary treatment. In many circumstances, the owner of the attacking dog is legally liable for paying the vet bills. To learn more about that, see When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed.

Attacks upon dogs represent a serious threat to humans. The reason is that people often are injured when one dog attacks another. About one-third of my dog bite cases involve human victims who were mauled when their dog was attacked. Similarly, a study conducted by a group of orthopedic surgeons concluded that the two most common biting scenarios involved a victim attempting to separate fighting animals or provide first aid to an injured or sick animal. To read their article, click here.