YouTube Video Shows Mother Putting Baby At Risk of Dog Bite

A mother encourages her baby to get into the face of a dog that is panting, its ears laid back, its gaze averted and head turning from side to side. The mom ignores these danger signs, completely absorbed by what she believes is the “cuteness” of the moment. 

To a person familiar with dogs, however, this one is cornered, fearful and about to snap at the child’s face. Thankfully, the dog controls itself and the video ends without violence.

“Exceptionally nice dog here, utterly stupid mother,” writes Alexandra Semyonova, an expert in canine behavior. “The dog exercises huge self control for a full minute and a half, then gets up and walks away in the end. But if it hadn’t, if it had lashed out even symbolically, this child could have spent the rest of its life without a face — and everyone would have blamed the dog.”

Click here to watch the video and decide for yourself whether it is the cutest movie you ever saw, or an accident waiting to happen.