Compensation for Injury

Dog Injured or Killed 270

Further Research

Anyone whose dog was injured or killed should obtain a copy of the interactive book, When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed. For more information about the book, click on the book’s cover, on the right. Attorneys should read the excellent annotation Damages for Injuring or Killing Dog by Robin Cheryl Miller, J.D. at 61 […]
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Sentimental Damages

Sentimental value of dog to owner is often included in the owner’s damages. For example, in LaPorte v. Associated Independents, Inc., 163 So. 2d 267, 1 A.L.R.3d 992 (Fla. 1964), a dog was killed and the owner sued for mental distress. The Supreme Court of Florida rejected the lower court’s assertion that it is improper […]
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Loss of Companionship

The owner’s loss of a dog’s companionship often is an element of the dog’s value. In Klein v. St. Louis Transit Co., 117 Mo. App. 691, 93 S.W. 281 (1906), the court declared that, where the dog owner prized his dog very highly, took pleasure in its company, and was proud of the smart things […]
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Mental Anguish

In an action to recover for the killing of, or an injury to, a dog, the owner may be entitled to recover compensation for mental distress. Several states have statutes that establish the conditions for recovery and the monetary limits. The circumstances under which such compensation may be given can also be determined from the […]
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Veterinary Bills

The owner of an injured dog usually is entitled to recover at least the cost of veterinary services, against the person who inflicted the injury, or the owner of the dog that inflicted the injury. (Roos v. Loeser (1919) 41 Cal.App. 783.) However, some courts have held that the dog’s owner ordinarily is permitted to […]
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What Our Pets Mean to Us

Clearly, Americans love our pets:  For example, 67% of pet owners take their pets to the veterinarian more often than they see their own physicians.  (1999 American Animal Hospital Association’s national pet owner survey.) In fact, 70% to 93% of pet owners view their pets as family members.  (Alan Beck & Aaron Katcher, Between Pets […]
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