Analysis of Dog Bite Issues and Statistics

Understanding dog bite law

Dog bite law in plain English. Learn about the dog bite problem, dog bite prevention, and how to deal with vicious dogs and their irresponsible owners. A primer with links to articles by the experts and tools for doing legal research on the Internet.

Dog bite statistics

All dog bite statistics. The dogs most likely to kill. The information from these pages and the next section (“Pit bulls: facts and figures”) is cited in books, articles and court decisions around the USA.

Pit bulls: facts and figures

The ultimate “argument-ender.” Concise, fully documented facts about pit bulls, with links to the underlying research. Why they are America’s most disliked animal, their deadly behavior, who they are mauling and killing, and much more.

Vicious dogs

Facts and figures about dangerous dogs and their irresponsible owners. Why some dogs bite people, and how the law deals with them. Learn what the authorities in medicine, veterinary medicine, animal behavior, and law have discovered about the dog bite epidemic.

Breed specific laws

Pit bulls, Rottweilers and other high risk dogs are governed by different laws, and their owners are treated differently after a dog attack on a person or someone’s pet. Many believe that pit bulls should be eliminated from our communities, be covered by liability insurance policies, or at least be neutered so they eventually will not exist. Defenders of these dogs, however, say that the media and the courts are making up false stories about these dogs, that they do not harm people without a good reason, and that only the owners of high risk dogs should be jailed and heavily penalized when people are hurt.┬áLearn what both sides are saying and how the law treats breeds and their owners differently.

Videos about the law

The motherload of videos about dogs and the law. Learn about important legal issues like the right insurance for dog owners, when it is legal to kill a dog, or when a dog attack is excused because of “provocation.” See the Dog Bite Law Superbowl “commercial” that went viral and got over 8 million views on social media.

2-minute “explainer” videos

In plain language, like you were sitting in his office, Attorney Phillips answers the 9 questions he hears the most, such as “Will it be worth it?,” “How much will I get?,” and “How long will it take?”

Attorney Phillips’ blog

Homicide and a cover-up. National guidelines for retired police dogs. An animal control fail leads to another fatal dog attack. Attorney Phillips’ blog is informative, controversial and persuasive. Keep up with the latest developments and stories in the field of dog bite law!

Preventing dog bites

Attorney Phillips’ 10-step plan for preventing dog attacks.