Demand for Production in a Dog Bite Case

Demand for Production in a Dog Bite Case

(for Representing Plaintiffs)

I bet you didn’t know there are 57 different categories of documents that are relevant to a dog bite case, and which you need to get in discovery when representing a plaintiff! But don’t work late at the office tonight figuring out what they are, because we already have drafted your Demand for Production of Documents and Tangible Evidence!

You can win your dog bite case with the evidence that the defense is trying to hide from you — documents that prove the fact that the dog has bitten other people, that the landlord has been given notice of the dog’s viciousness, and that the dog owner has been warned to keep the dog muzzled. These things are written down and kept careful track of. Except of course when somebody doesn’t want you to find them!

We have put together the most comprehensive lists of important documents that anyone has ever seen in a dog bite case. Take a look at just a few categories of them:

  • Animal control department investigations, citations, orders, and dog court proceedings
  • Evidence of dog ownership
  • Health records of the attacking dog
  • Records of other bites and dangerous propensities
  • The training of the dog
  • Insurance and coverage disputes
  • Documents that establish the basis for denying any Request for Admission
  • Documents that establish the basis for each affirmative defense in the pleadings
  • Photographs of the attacking dog

… and much more

One of the best things about this list is that it vastly expands the information that you can get in a jurisdiction that limits the number of interrogatories. If you have a meticulously crafted list of documents and other evidence that will damn the dog owner, why ask interrogatories about them anyway?

Speaking of interrogatories, we are also going to send you all of the interrogatories you are going to need, deposition questions for the dog owners, witnesses and others, a request for admissions that by itself can win your case, and a whole lot more. And another great thing about our Demand for Production is that you will get this entire bundle for less than the cost of typing them!

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