Deposition Questions for Dog Bite Cases

Deposition Questions for Dog Bite Cases

(for Representing Plaintiffs)


Go home! There’s no need for you to stay at the office and draft deposition questions for your dog bite case! They’re all done!

A thorough set of questions for the dog owners, liability witnesses, damages witnesses, “persons most knowledgeable” and even child witnesses! Look at all the subjects that are covered:

  • Experience with dogs
  • Breed of dog
  • Prior owner of the attacking dog
  • Why this dog was selected
  • What the witness knew about the breed
  • Establishing ownership and joint ownership
  • Training of dog
  • Veterinarian and others who know dog
  • Knowledge that the breed is unsafe
  • Health history of the dog
  • Manner of keeping the dog, abuse of dog
  • Fences, gates, signs, warnings
  • Viciousness of the dog
  • Complaints from neighbors about dog
  • Treatment of dog on the date of the attack
  • What the witness did on the date of the attack
  • Temperament of attacking dog
  • Socialization of dog
  • Behavior of dog immediately prior to attack
  • Prior experience of victim with the attacking dog
  • Behavior of the victim on the date of the attack
  • Warnings and assumption of risk
  • How the attack began, what happened during it
  • What the deponent did during and after attack
  • What the witnesses did during and after attack
  • Respondeat superior
  • Statements of the parties
  • The dog after the attack
  • Preventative measures before and after the attack
  • Animal control investigation, quarantine, orders

… and much more

Why spend the next 4 hours thinking up questions when you can get all of this from us right now? The deposition questions come with a whole lot more! Interrogatories, requests for admissions, a demand for production of documents and other tangible evidence. Pleadings, a list of possible witnesses – everything you need to win your dog bite case through meticulous, hard-hitting discovery.

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