If a person is disabled in a dog attack, that person is entitled to recover an amount of money to compensate him or her. This can be a large amount of money, because the disability might be permanent. If it is a temporary disability, the amount of money will be less.

The evaluation of a disability can only be done when the disabling condition reaches maximum medical improvement, or becomes permanent and stationary. This is not possible soon after the attack. It takes quite awhile, therefore, for the evaluation to take place.

The attorney’s job is to make sure that there is proper evidence of the disability. First, the medical records after documented that the injured person cannot do various things. Second, a specialist, usually an orthopedic surgeon, provides a report to the attorney, describing in detail the physical limitations on the victim. Third, the attorney employees an expert in occupational disability, who conducts a job survey and tests the victim to determine what new jobs he or she is able to perform. Fourth, the attorney hires an accountant to analyze the economic difference between what the victim was able to do before the attack, as opposed to what he or she can do with the disability.

Ken Phillips has had a great deal of experience representing disabled victims. For that reason, he is able to evaluate the effects of disability, for settlement purposes only. Therefore is not always necessary to take all the steps described above.