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Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms

Deposition outlines, interrogatories and all the tools needed to win dog bite cases.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms
Pleadings, interrogatories, admissions, document production, a 50-topic deposition outline, and much more. Save hours of work with Mr. Phillips’ Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms. Only for plaintiffs’ lawyers. Good in all states. Cheaper than the cost of typing them. Download immediately and use today.

The Undemurrable Complaint and Supporting Authorities – California

Seven bullet proof causes of action for California dog bite cases.

Undemurrable Complaint
Plead your dog bite case easily, powerfully and perfectly. Here are the 7 most important causes of action against dog owners, landlords and others, alleged concisely with current Points and Authorities for each and every allegation. Strict liability, negligence, negligence per se for violating an animal control law, common law liability, landlord liability, bystander emotional distress, and battery including punitive damages. Tested in court and proven to withstand demurrers, motions to strike and motions for judgment on the pleadings.

Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers

For plaintiffs’ lawyers who want to win dog bite cases with the greatest of ease.

Tips Tricks Dog Bite Lawyer 144
Tips and tricks that cannot be found anywhere else. Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers┬áis a video of Mr. Phillips’ 2-1/2 hour seminar for plaintiffs’ lawyers. Learn strategies and tactics, the new causes of action, how to overcome all of the common defenses, how to settle your case, and more. Inexpensive. Good in all states.

Demand Letter and Brief for Dog Bite Case

Settle your dog bite case for more money and with less work, using these powerful tools!

Demand Letter Brief 144
A sample demand letter and accompanying brief, with an instructional memo and preliminary checklist, for plaintiffs’ attorneys only.

Release of All Claims – California

The only way to have peace of mind when you settle a case.

Release of All Claims
This Release of All Claims protects you when you pay money to someone who claims to have been injured by your dog. Unlike other releases, it protects your dog as well as you. It works perfectly in California and can be adapted for other states. A properly drafted release is essential for your peace of mind!

When A Dog Is Injured Or Killed

Self-help for dog owners who want justice for their dog and payment for vet bills.

Dog Injured or Killed
A legal self-help book that tells a dog owner how to get reimbursed for vet bills, and compensated for anguish when your dog is wrongfully injured or killed. Download immediately and use today.

Defending Your Dog

Win Your Case in Dog Court.

Defending Your Dog 144
DEFENDING YOUR DOG – Win Your Case In Dog Court is an important, essential book for people who are facing charges in criminal court or dog court. The goal of the book is to help the owners of non-vicious dogs get justice.

Transfer of Ownership Letter Agreement

Make it clear that you are not liable if the dog bites someone.

Transfer of Ownership Letter
Avoid possible liability for future injuries with this short and thorough document.

Residential Lease Dog Clause

Stop your tenants from using you as their insurance policy when their dogs bite people.

Residential Lease Dog Clause helps to protect landlords and tenants from the consequences of a vicious dog on the premises, by keeping out the bad dogs, and avoiding the circumstances and misunderstandings that contribute to dog attacks. Fair, legal and not breed-specific. Download immediately and use today.

Avoiding Liability When Working With Dogs

Get the law on your side with these contracts, waivers and policies.

Avoiding Liability 144
An all-in-one self-help package for trainers, rescue groups, and shelters. Includes ready-to-use contracts, waivers and other legal documents by Mr. Phillips, and his 1-1/2 hour video seminar explaining everything in simple language. The Q&A sessions on this DVD are fun and illuminating. It will pay for itself by preventing trouble before it begins!

Waiver of Liability by Dog Trainer

Eliminate the risk of a lawsuit when a dangerous dog is being trained.

Waiver Liability Dog Trainer

Gives peace of mind to a dog owner who wants to give his dog a second chance without the risk of getting sued by the trainer.

Dog Training Agreement

Helps protect the trainer from liability and makes the client responsible for the trainer’s medical payments.

Dog Training Agreement

A dog trainer’s liability for dog bites to another person arises when someone is injured during training, or by a dog that the trainer certified as being safe.

Veterinarians Letter to a Dog Owner

Help your clients to understand the risks they are taking.

Veterinarians Letter

High-risk dogs need homes, but not every household can or should have one. Protect your clients and yourself by sending out this diplomatic yet firm letter of advice.