Getting the Evidence That Proves That the Dog Was Vicious

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girl student

When you’re gathering evidence for a dog bite case, it can come in different ways:

Direct Words from the Dog’s Owner: If the owner has said anything important about the dog’s past or behavior. Often, the owner of a vicious dog brags about it on social media. Sometimes the owner will send text messages and emails that are just as bad.

Official Reports: Look for animal control or police reports that show the dog has bitten someone before.

What People Say: Listen to stories from neighbors or others who know the dog. If you can, try to get veterinarian records too.

The People Who Might Know Something: People like neighborhood kids, dog walkers, folks who go to the local dog park, mail carriers, FedEx and UPS drivers, gardeners, and anyone who jogs or bikes by, or waits at a nearby bus stop, could all have seen something.

How to Find These People: You’ll need to check out places like animal control, the police station, and the post office. Call the offices of delivery companies like UPS and FedEx that are close to where the bite happened. Make some flyers that say you or your kid was bitten by a dog, describe where it happened, and ask for any information to help with your medical bills.

Talk to People Where It Happened: Go to where the bite happened and chat with kids, neighbors, and anyone passing by or doing something like jogging, biking, or gardening. Always talk to kids near their parents to keep things proper and make sure you can count on their help later.

Getting Help from Witnesses: Make sure the people who give you information are okay with talking to your lawyer. You can’t use anonymous tips as well as you can use help from people who give their names and contact details.

Keep looking for clues and don’t give up, because dogs that bite usually have a history of being aggressive. Your job is to find proof of that past behavior to strengthen your case.

For more Information: Check out Investigating the Attacking Dog. If you are an attorney, the tools and strategies you need are found in Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers.