Hell and Back


I hope you know the impact you have on lives of people like me who have made a trip to hell and back, due to dog bites. I have lived so much of my life since the accident angry, bitter, depressed, and embarrassed about the way I looked. Never thought I would look beautiful again. And the hatred I that was growing inside me made the inside grow as ugly as the outside felt. The counselor helped, but anytime she brought up ‘forgiveness’ I couldn’t do it. I even refused to work on it! My husband, son and daughter were the only ones that, daily, helped me get through it. But still, no one felt what I felt. Everyone said they ‘couldn’t tell’…but I did. And always will.

But you and your staff worked a miracle for me! I never thought in a million years what the end result was going to be! I never assumed I was going to get anything but my medical bills taken care of. What you did for me I will forever be grateful for. You brought me the closure I have tried so hard to find. You told me that might happen…and sure enough, you were very correct.

I have the majority of the funds in a secure account, until we find the time to look for a new home. And I bought a brand new car too! My first new car, ever!

Thank you for working on my case and bettering a life for me and my family! You will be forever in my thoughts and heart!!

Colleen Z.