Question: “How Can I Change the Law Where I Live?”

You don’t personally have the resources to rid your community of irresponsible dog owners and vicious dogs. But you still can make it happen.

It is not possible to do so on your own, because the dog bite problem presents social issues, and therefore you need the backing of a few other people to change not only the laws but also the policies that are involved in enforcing the laws.

The best guide to changing the law is Civics for Democracy by Katherine Isaac. It is a thoroughly great book that should be studied by anyone who wants to change local, state or national laws. The insights and strategies contained in this book are sound and helpful.

To reach like-minded and motivated people, join the Dog Bite Law Group on Facebook. You will be startled to read what is being discussed there, and will find others who are interested in doing what you want to do: enact new, adequate and reasonable laws. Together you can accomplish this goal.

Attorney Phillips has said, “When I have been involved in the legislative process pertaining to the passing of new and improved dog laws, I have seen how just a few people — just 3 or 4 people — can prompt a lawmaker to introduce a new law.” Civics for Democracy by Katherine Isaac will show you how it is done, and the Dog Bite Law Group can be your launching pad.