Question: “I Have a Question About Something I Got from the Dog Bite Law Bookstore”

Lulu portraitThe Dog Bite Law Bookstore offers some important legal self-help items. All of the written materials are by Kenneth Phillips, the author of Dog Bite Law. You will find timely, practical and inexpensive solutions at the bookstore. And you can pay with PayPal.

If you are a dog owner and your dog was injured or killed through someone else’s fault, you should consider getting see When a Dog Is Injured Or Killed.

If you are a canine professional, you should check out Avoiding Liability When When Working With Dogs.

If you are an attorney who represents plaintiffs, get Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms and, for a complete solution to your dog bite cases, Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers. The latter is Attorney Kenneth Phillips’ “tips and tricks” seminar. You won’t find this material anywhere else!

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