Instructions for Taking Photos on Film

photographerThe instructions given in Instructions for the Amateur Photographer need to be followed. Additionally, a film camera presents some other issues. Use a 35 mm camera, not a Polaroid camera. Use ISO 200 or ISO 400 color negative film. It also is known as ASA 200 and ASA 400. The brand of film does not matter. Make sure that the expiration date of the film is in the future.

After you take the photographs, have them developed. Ask the developer to make at least 4 prints of each negative. After you get the prints back, keep one set and send the other three sets to your attorney or insurance company. 

If your attorney asks you to send negatives, then do so. However, do not send negatives to an insurance company or any opposing party. Do not send the negatives in the same envelope as the prints. You have to make sure that the negatives are not lost. Therefore, retain the negatives until at least receipt of confirmation that the other party has the photographs. At that point, send the negatives if asked to do so.