Insurance for Veterinary Bills (“Pet Insurance”)

The dog owner is responsible for his or her pet’s health, which implies that there will be veterinary bills at some point. There are companies that sell policies of “pet insurance” to pay some of these costs. Additionally, some motor vehicle insurers offer coverage for vet bills incurred because of a collision. If you do not save money for emergencies, you should consider purchasing veterinary insurance. 

Policies cost between $300 and $500 per year, and do not cover routine expenses. Nevertheless, many believe they are worth the money because a serious illness or accident can bring thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. If you are inclined to insure against such a loss rather than save for it, pick an insurance policy that suits you best. To do so, start at Pet Insurance Review

There are many who believe that the best practice, however, is to save money rather than buy insurance for pet emergencies. In 2010, Consumer Reports conducted a survey of veterinary insurance policies and concluded they waste money and, worse, are mostly useless because of exclusions. Insurance contracts always exclude one thing or another (for example, health insurance does not cover treatment to minimize the appearance of scars caused by a dog bite). The Consumer Reports survey reported that some of the most serious diseases your dog could get were commonly excluded too. (For more about the survey, read Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost? by Consumer Reports.)

More information about pet insurance can be found at Complete Guide to Insurance for New Dog Owners on The article quotes Attorney Kenneth M. Phillips, the author of, when discussing liability insurance for dog owners. Dog bites are the most important incidents to insurance against, because they can cause losses in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and because the victim of your dog will most likely be your relative, your friend, or your neighbor. In other words, having liability insurance (homeowners or renters insurance) not only will protect you but also the people in your life. For more, see Overview – Insurance for Dog Owners