Interrogatories for Dog Bite Cases

Interrogatories for Dog Bite Cases

(for Representing Plaintiffs)

Leave the office immediately! There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel. We have written all of the interrogatories that you are going to need for your dog bite case!

Our interrogatory sets cover dozens of topics. Pick and choose the ones that are necessary for your case. Here is a partial list:

  • Description of the attacking dog
  • Health of dog
  • Prior biting history of dog
  • Complaints by animal control and other third parties
  • Muzzling and segregation of dog
  • Dog fighting and guard dog training
  • Signage at dog’s residence
  • Identification of breeder, trainer, veterinarian, and a dozen other third parties who may have information about dog
  • Insurance coverage
  • Surveillance, witnesses, statements
  • Relevant documents
  • Joint tortfeasors
  • Reasons for failure to admit any Request for Admissions
  • Facts, witnesses and documents relied on to deny allegations in the pleadings

… and much more

We give you a set of interrogatories for jurisdictions that allow subparts, and a different set for jurisdictions that don’t. There is a set of 30, and another set of 90. Pick whatever works for your case and your rules of practice and procedure.

These interrogatories are not specific to the law of any particular state, so they work everywhere. When you buy them, you also get deposition questions, requests for admissions, demands for production of tangible evidence, and much more.

Maybe the best thing is this: you can buy them for less than the cost of typing them!

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Get It Now and Start Using It Today

When you buy the form set you will be emailed a download link. This is a set of files that you use on your computer. You read them, you interact with the ones that are automatic, and you can start using them immediately. Nothing is shipped to you.

Dog Bite Lawsuit Forms – Forms Only – $119.95{nicedownloads:5}
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Lawsuit Forms + Tips and Tricks for Dog Bite Lawyers
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