Jerry K

Dear Mr. Phillips,

Your website is a “blessing”. Thank you. It helps to be able to educate myself on the issues. My neighbors wife was attacked; and, by coincidence, my city, Jasper, Al is in the early process of adopting “some kind” of dog control code.

After reading the statistics of attacks especially children attacks. I find myself on a “crusade” to help the city find and adopt the best codes possible.

I think your model codes are the best I have seen. I was “dead” set on breed specific bans as the military has done. But I’m getting resistance from other groups.

Is it possible to use your model code with “further” restrictions and regulations on breed specific dogs, by weight, capability and propensity to attack based on statistics of fatal or severe attacks including dogs who have a propensity to attack children in the face? Of course, you know I’m talking about Pit Bull type dogs and others with “a record”. A possible example might be, declaring certain dogs with potential to kill, already “dangerous” without all the steps listed for other dogs to be ruled “dangerous”. As you have reported, in many  cases the first bite is fatal with certain dogs concerning children.

Is there a code already in existence that I could present to my city council for their consideration?I would hope there is one that would not only protect the public from a “first bite” by a potentially deadly dog; but one that would also protect the child living in a home with a potentially deadly dog that has the capability and  propensity to kill or severely maim people with a first bite.

Could a code possibly declare that a child may not be left alone with any of these “killer” dogs; and maybe,even require a muzzle when in the presence of children, so that if any child comes in to the hospital with his or her face ripped open it would be a criminal offense by the owner because no muzzle was in place.

After all you are doing on this issue I hesitate to ask you for more; but I have evolved a kind of guilt feeling about the future attacks in my city’s jurisdiction.

Thank you for all you have done. Jerry K.