Kenneth M. Phillips’ Mission

My primary responsibility is to represent my clients. I represent only dog bite victims. My law practice is unique because it is so highly specialized.

In addition to representing clients, my mission is to educate lawmakers, canine professionals, attorneys, and the public about the dog bite epidemic, with the hope of lessening it. I want people to know about the extent of the dog bite problem, the civil and criminal consequences of a dog bite, how dog owners can protect their homes and assets from dog bite liability, how parents can protect their children from getting bitten by a dog, and what laws need to be changed to help end the dog bite problem.

My mission also includes the writing of model laws pertaining to dog bites and dangerous dogs, and helping state and local lawmakers to enact these laws.

Dog Bite Law ( is a noncommercial online treatise that resulted from a dog bite. On Christmas 1998, a dog bit my niece in the face. It upset me a great deal, because I felt that it would not have happened if she had some basic training in dog safety. I felt that I needed to do something to educate the public about the dog bite epidemic. 

Kenneth Phillips dog parkAs a result, I created  I’ve been writing and re-writing sections of it ever since Christmas 1998. In 2000 I created The Dog Bite Law Adviser, which gives users the same information that I tell my own clients. In 2006 I launched The Dog Bite Law Blog, the editorial companion of that presents news and opinion about dog bites.

In 2006 I also entered the legislative arena for the purpose of strengthening the laws that pertain to dangerous dogs and irresponsible dog owners. I assisted in the drafting of reasonable, non-breed specific legislation on both the state and local levels in several jurisdictions.

Every day I put in at least two hours responding to e-mailed questions from the public, and updating Dog Bite Law and the Dog Bite Law Adviser, and blogging on the Dog Bite Law Blog. I enjoy doing these things and believe that I am performing an important service for the public. I receive questions from every English-speaking country in the world, as well as Spain, Italy, Chile, Japan, Russia, China, Iraq (US servicemen), Norway, The Netherlands and Sweden.

I also write books for dog owners, write articles for magazines and newspapers, speak at conventions and meetings, conduct dog bite law seminars for attorneys and canine professionals, and give interviews to magazines, newspapers, TV and radio, in the USA and around the world.  

My web site is entirely educational. Its purpose is to raise awareness about dog bite law. My address and phone number aren’t even on it! It is a research site used by legislators, public health officials, animal control officers, district attorneys, civil lawyers, dog bite victims, students of law and many others from all over the world (I have even been on the radio in China, thanks to Voice of America).